Local Outreach
– Street evangelism more
– Mornington Drop-in centre and Christian Library
– Upcoming special outreach events.


World Outreach – we support the following overseas missionaries by regularly praying for them; by tithing at 10% of the parish income to support them and by meeting them to encourage them and hear from them as often as we can when they are back in Australia.

laslo1. Laslo and Eva Mihalyi (with their son Robert)

Laslo and Eva are serving as Missionaries in Hungry in partnership with Pioneers.

canavan2. Alan and Faye Canavan
Alan and Faye are Missionaries working in Bible Translation with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Alan and Faye have been with Wycliffe Bible Translators since 1986. They worked on translation and literacy in Papua New Guinea for 20 years and are now based in Townsville. Alan now serves as a linguistic consultant for SIL Pacific area and Faye is involved in Member Care.

orphans3. Orphans in Burma

Over many decades, Myanmar has been inflicted with internal wars, drugs and poverty. After imposed isolation, this predominantly Buddhist and military-ruled country is opening its doors to the world.
In 1991 Rev Cha, together with his wife Susan, had a burden to the street children of Lashio, Myanmar. With 40 children in their house, Rev Cha was encouraged by Rev Paul Chang (CNEC Singapore) to start the Grace Haven orphanage.
Amongst the wide-ranging ministries, there are now 20 Grace Haven homes for children and students established throughout Myanmar, more than 50 thriving churches, 126 workers and over 120 pastors in training. WorldShare has been involved with Grace Haven, together with CNEC Singapore from the beginning.

Mission Teas
The speakers at our last Mission tea on Sunday 13th March 2016 were Laslo & Eva Mihalyi from Pioneers in Hungary.

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